Friday, October 16, 2009

Spontaneous Service Availability

The most important asset for all online and offline business is to maintain open and efficient lines of communication between your company and its clients. In fact, good and efficient lines of open communication with customers and clients is the most important rule for all online and offline businesses. While it is easier for offline businesses to maintain open lines of communication and relationships with its customers, in the case of online businesses, until recently, it was very difficult, if not outright impossible, to maintain one-on-one communication with customers of the online business. With the advent of online chat software, specifically live chat, it is now possible for online businesses to communicate with their customers and interact efficiently with those customers, and much in the same way an offline business is able to.

Live Chat support is a software that allows online business owners to interact directly with their customers. It gives your business more efficient, personal communication with your companies and customer.

Live Chat support software benefits your online company in many ways. First, it provides your company with open communication and dialogue with your business associates, without having to undergo the hassles that often result from simple emails or phone calls. While you may, indeed, be able to communicate through telephone, you can’t send files, and some email servers limit the file size you are able to send. Additionally, even if you can send your files through email, you can never expect an instantaneous reply to a pressing matter. Further, emails may take some time to reach the recipient and emails are notorious for including unwitting, unforeseeable mistakes. These days, due to mass SPAM, scam, and junk mail , customers and employees often simply erase emails they believe to be junk mail, when, in fact, they were of the utmost importance. Sometimes, it is even possible that important emails get lost in the bulk mail folder.

This is why many companies and customers prefer using live chat software through instant messaging. With the help of this software, it is now possible to have avatar operators that interact and are available to the customer twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Of course, most businesses have a website; however this system was not intended to advance business sales. It rather serves as an online brochure for customers. Indeed, it is only with live chat support software that customers can get instant answers to any uncertainties or questions that they feel need answering and clarification immediately. While some consider installing a web cam or some other applications and apparatus to their website, live chat support software negates the need for the hassle that inevitably occur when the web cam, etc. prove to be too hectic and time consuming for your company. To add to that,, one of the leading live chat support providers revealed that Live Chat support software works on any web server. In fact, it has no software to install and can be used within minutes. Aside from providing immediate communication between you and your customer, it also facilitates your company in monitoring your website traffic in real time. In addition to all of this, it also offers auto-greetings, and pre-chat questionnaires. It also saves transcripts and other features.

Beyond that, live chat support offers you choice in its software— Live Chat and Auto Chat. Live Chat is the best choice for websites needing live customer support. It connects customers to company representatives, who can answer their questions using instant messaging. Auto Chat, on the other hand, is an automated chat guide that functions twenty-four hours a day and even days a week, driven using a friendly avatar, which can answer the queries of online shoppers. Its avatar draws its answers from a preset list of responses. With this option your company saves money on web personnel while providing consumers with the same instant, friendly sales help.

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