Friday, October 16, 2009

Customer Service the Easy Way

Keeping customers happy is difficult enough in a traditional business setup. Doing it online is even more challenging because the customer isn’t in front of you and able to ask questions, and you aren’t there to be able to offer help to a customer who looks like they may not be totally happy.

Keeping your customers happy online and therefore more likely to return for more business in the future, is not that much different than the store example above. If your online customer can get his or her questions answered and feel comfortable during the shopping experience, chances are they will continue to return to your site.

The way to do that is to offer customer service that a visitor to your site won’t hesitate to use. The answer is real-time customer service with a real company representative and not just pages and pages of information that may – or may not – answer or solve the customer’s problem.

The top 25 e-commerce companies were surveyed not too long ago, and the results showed that most companies didn’t make real-time customer service a commitment. Only 5 percent offered conversations with customer service representatives online and only 15 percent of the businesses had a way to determine why they lost a customer who came to the website but did not make a purchase. On the good side is that there are already companies who are gearing toward providing the best customer service possible one company called has been recommended by several websites for their entirely unique commitment in rendering quality customer support service.

To further advance your online business from the competition, the answer is putting customers first with a system that provides online assistance to live company representatives, and teaming that with a customer management system that can give you some feedback on what customers liked and didn’t like with your website.

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